The ProjectManage-It Tour


Gantt Charts

Gantt charts help you visualize your project schedule ahead of time and allow you to see your scheduled tasks. This gives you a place to keep your staff on timelines and let them visualize their milestones.


Task Assignments

Tasks give you the ability to assign team members to a mini-project, and allows you to track their progress on that specific task.



Breaking it Down

Projects can sometimes seem overwhelming as a whole. When you break these projects down into tasks, it becomes easier to manage, to create, and to organize.


Task Comments

If team members have questions about a very specific item, they can attach comments to a task, in order to discuss, or pass on information to coworkers also working on that task.



Every Detail Counts

If you complete multiple similar projects you can create an empty task to use as a starting point so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you start a new project!



Let each user know what is due by creating daily or weekly reminders on their tasks. They receive an email alert each day during the start and end dates for the task.


Estimated Hours

Not sure what the project will cost or want to keep your employees hours in check, estimate their time and cost in a single step.