Projects grouped by categories
ProjectManage-IT allows you to structure your projects with categories that allows you to stay organized and locate the appropriate information easier.
Collect and share project data
Whether you are collecting important information, specifications, or signed documents for a project, you can quickly add and share with other members that are involved to help maintain progressive cohesion.
Customize the data you collect
ProjectManage-IT allows you to specify the type of date you will be collection in a project and can verify once this information has been uploaded to the system.
Unlimited users and projectse
If your project requires many users or just a few, whether your scope is of a larger vision or something simple you only pay based on what you are using, which in the end saves you money.
Include the whole team
With ProjectManage-IT, you can include everyone on the team, from co-workers, to contractors and suppliers all the way to the client. Each user can be provided a custom security level so they only see what you want them to.