Media Project Management

ProjectManage-IT helps in streamlining media projects by consolidating project information into one point source.

Media Project Management benefits:


  • Employees, clients and management can collaborate and communicate through a single project site
  • The web-based nature of ProjectManage-IT allows for access from the office, on the road or the client’s location
  • Media documentation can be easily stored, categorized and accessed by all permitted team members
  • Custom security properties can be assigned to various team members to assure sensitive information is only accessible by the appropriate people
  • Tasks can be assigned and oriented with various team members and suppliers and are easily tracked with ProjectManage-IT.

“We are loving it!!!! Internally, the benefits are revealing themselves quickly. Kathryn in Production really likes the Fee Planner. It is far more versatile than AdMan. The account group is also now recognizing the benefitsthis is going to have in terms of client management. We look forward to six months from now, when we have historical jobs in the archives that can be quickly and easily referenced by all. It is going to be a huge timesaver!”

Account Director, Surge Communications