The ProjectManage-It Tour


Activity Logging

Keep an overview of all of your project activity in one screen! When your whole team is using ProjectManage-It it makes supervising easy! See when members post updates, make notes or add tasks and save time sorting e-mails and other documents. Best part is it can be accessed from anywhere with just a simple web browser!



View your employees hours quickly and easily with the same tool that you use to track your tasks! It really is that easy once you get going. You can at a glance view which employees are logging hours on which tasks. Another great time saver for any manager who manages multiple employees on multiple projects.

 Assign Notes

In ProjectManage-IT, you can assign team members to notes so they may view them. You can also add other coworkers after the note has been created.


 Email Threads

Start the message in ProjectManage-IT and keep the discussion moving in email. No need to log back into the system to reply, do it by simply clicking REPLY.


 Sharing and Privacy

With ProjectManage-IT, you can enable privacy modes which will block notes from specific users or groups.


 Every Action Tracked

If you want to know who is downloading, or reading notes or wondering if Bill has even looked at the project, with a couple of clicks you can see exactly what is going on.