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Unlimited number of companies
Upload company specific files
Add company categories for easy organization

Unlimited number of users
Upload user specific files
Create user groups for easy assigning
Add user categories for easy organization

   Reference Library
Upload multiple files to a common company only library
Files are saved by categories

You control who has access to areas like notes, files, tasks

   Email Notifications
Send automated messages daily, weekly, monthly
Create message templates

Control project access to individual users
Projects are grouped based on YOUR categories
Simple project wizard lets you add project and users in a few steps
Project summary page shows details like number of notes, files, tasks
Track history of every action on a project to see who did what when
Manage alerts per user in each project individually or globally
Assign clients with restricted access to view just the project details they should see

Add a note to everyone or securely to specific users on the project
Respond to notes via regular email, no need to log into the system
Add related notes to keep them organized and well tracked

Add a file to everyone or securely to specific users on the project
Single or multiple file upload
Organize files by categories
Copy files between projects
Add notes to files
Track history of who has seen which files and when
Group files for quicker download

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