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4 strategies for getting an IT project out of limbo

Ever had a project ready to go but no go ahead from leaders? Here’s an interesting article about how to handle such situations.   Original article by: Brad Egeland (Twitter @begeland) at “Projects are meant to be executed on. Yet, for some reason, many projects remain in limbo – never executed on even with all resources and […]

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Adding Notes in ProjectManage-IT

Add a Note and assign it to Anyone or to specific members on your team. Here’s how…  

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Adding Files in PMIT

Add files to a project and alert specific team members or everybody to view.

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The Financial Tab in each project allows you to report basic Financial Information that you can gather about the project at any time that you need it.  

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Adding Companies in PMIT

1. Click Companies tab at the top. 2. You can click All Companies to see the companies in your system. 3. Click the Add a New Company button and enter the company name.  

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Adding contacts in PMIT

ProjectManage-IT allows you to add contacts easily for future reference.   1. Login to PMIT

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What is Project Management?

What is Project Management? Original article: More specifically, what is a project? It’s a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. A project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources. And a project is unique in that it […]

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Organize your Projects

Whether you’re actively working with one or more companies ProjectManage-It makes it easier than ever to sort your project documents, time tracking and other important information. Organize all of your projects for your team and they will be able to log in and use our easy to use interface that will make tracking your time […]

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New task reminder options added

We’ve added two new task reminder options to alert your team when a task is due. On Due Date – this will send an email alert the day the alert is due One day before Due Date – this will send an email alert the day BEFORE the alert is due

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The NEW ProjectManage-IT Blog!

We have just released our new PMIT blog! Here you will find many resources for using the ProjectManage-IT system, as well as FAQ, new features coming to PMIT, and much more!

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