3 reasons projects fail Part 3 of 3

The last part in a 3 part series about who’s to blame when a project is failing. Part 1, Part 2

Original article by: Brad Egeland (Twitter @begeland) at CIO.com.



“Ever find yourself blaming others for projects failing? Who’s to blame?

  1. Other things outside of our control. And now for everything else. Yes, some things can come up that are completely outside of the PM’s control. If you are running projects from Las Vegas it isn’t likely that a flood will occur so if one does its easy to see why the PM maybe didn’t plan for that. But even then it’s still their project and blame will fall to the project manager. Things outside of the PM’s control can be frustrating, but it doesn’t override their need and responsibility to own the success and failure for the entire project.

Stop passing blame over project failures, just own it

I’m tired of people blaming project failure on unrealistic expectations of budget and timeline. If it’s my project, I own it. And if I was handed a project that I felt couldn’t meet the timeline and budget that was bestowed upon me and I don’t say anything or do anything about it and then it fails…the problem wasn’t the unrealistic expectations of timeline and budget. The problem was me – I didn’t speak up and say, “This won’t work! We need more time and/or more money to do this project the right way.” If I don’t raise the flag at the beginning when I see the problem, the onus is on me…not some concept that I was given a project with unrealistic expectations.”


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