3 reasons projects fail Part 2 of 3

Part 2 of a 3 part series on 3 Reasons projects fail. Part 1

Ever find yourself blaming others for projects failing? Who’s to blame?

We found an interesting perspective from Brad Egeland (Twitter @begeland) at CIO.com.


  1. “Lack of leadership. Likewise, leadership is required. The PM can’t go around whining about the team being out of control. Well, they can, but they would be in denial that the real problem is their own ability to earn and retain project team member respect and following. The onus for that is on the project manager. And if he does everything he can to make that happen and it just isn’t working, then it is still his responsibility to raise the flag that he needs to replace the rogue resource and the push to make that happen. He can sit and wait if it is slow in happening, but he will still be blamed for the project failure so in reality he better be pretty proactive in making that switch happen.”

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